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  • The automotive retail experience of the future

    Since the early 20th century, automakers have focused on one imperative: lead the industry by differentiating on the latest technology. But this game is getting harder to win. The speed at which automotive technology is advancing means that today’s breakthrough innovation is tomorrow’s standard equipment. Read our contribution to the Oliver Wyman Automotive Manager journal to learn why product innovation alone is not enough to establish a lasting competitive advantage.

  • Enter the Catalyst

    The bold moves that energize your brand’s purpose and accelerate results

    What’s your brand’s purpose? If the answer comes immediately, you may already know about the tremendous value your purpose creates. Yet, many companies — especially big, complex ones — struggle to find a rallying cry beyond near-term sales and category leadership. Asserting what you stand for, and becoming esteemed for it, is a journey that takes time to complete.

  • Building B2B Brands in the Human Era

    The shift from transaction to relationship

    A fundamental shift is taking place in business, which has profound implications for brands and organizations.

    At the core of this shift is the realization that, to create a meaningful connection and real trust, brands need to start behaving more like people and less like faceless institutions.

  • Connecting with customers through experience innovation

    Innovation efforts across many industries, including transportation and logistics, have a tendency to focus on products and services. While this has paid off in the past, companies are increasingly finding that growth from product innovation is becoming incremental and fleeting. Read our contribution to Oliver Wyman’s Transportation and Logistics piece to discover ways that brands are creating value and gaining brand loyalty by reimagining how costumers use and experience their products and services.

  • A new take on innovation

    For decades, the major focus of innovation efforts has been on the product. The persistent drive to add features, incorporate new technologies, and create niches has led to breakthrough innovations. The strongest product innovators in software, electronics, consumer products, and automotive categories have created billions of dollars of economic value. In our section of the Oliver Wyman Retail Journal, learn how customer experience is driving differentiation and growth.

  • Finding your authentic voice in the Human Era

    Think of a company you trust — really, sincerely trust. One that’s looking out for you. One that truly has your interests at heart. 

    Drawing a blank? You’re not alone.

    Research from Gallup tells us trust in corporations is at an all-time low. And it’s not just companies drawing out our skepticism. For the last forty years, people have lost faith in all sorts of institutions. And instead they’re turning to others like them. The “Institutional Era” — where companies were considered trusted experts who actually knew more than you — is over.

  • Experience Innovation

    The next frontier to differentiate and drive growth

    Today, simply innovating on the product is not enough to drive growth and breakaway from the competition. The radical transparency of digital and social media prompts consumers to quickly switch allegiance with each new alluring offer. So how does your brand breakaway? Enter the experience. Read our latest thought leadership piece on how today's most dynamic and up-and-coming brands are differentiating and delighting through experience innovation.

  • Brand leadership and healthcare innovation

    by John Marshall, Heather Stern, Tom Main, and Josh Michelson

    Everywhere you turn, there seems to be negativity about the healthcare industry. The headlines paint a bleak picture from the dysfunction of the overall system to the cost albatross hanging over employers and government programs alike. And yet, at the OWHIC Ideation Session, an invitation-only summit held in Chicago for leaders in healthcare and other adjacent industries such as retail, venture capital, and social media, there was a much different story to tell. Read our latest thought leadership piece that explores the upcoming trends in healthcare that you may not have expected.

  • Building payer brands for the new healthcare consumer

    In a new world of choice, brand is an asset that can no longer be overlooked. Whether you’re a Blue, a national or a regional insurer, healthcare is becoming more retail and the rules of brand building will never be the same. Read our latest thought leadership piece that addresses how the rules of managing wellness, and your brand, have changed in the healthcare industry, and what you can do about it.

  • The Human Era Index UK

    Building from a data set of over 800 companies, we examine the leaders and define the behaviors of companies — both big and small — that are able to break through in this new environment and build trusted, authentic connections.